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Professor Maxham examines quantitative consumer models that help marketing scholars and retail managers better understand customer loyalty trends. Recent work investigates how human resource management practices, service policies, product return policies, retail concept extensions, and loyalty card programs influence customer attitudes, shopping behaviors, and store performance. Previously employed by the NCR Corporation and Russell Stover Candies, Professor Maxham currently teaches Customer Analytics & Brand Strategy at the University of Virginia. He also teaches global immersion courses that explore business, economics, and culture in China and Southeast Asia.

#ChaleWote2016 Kicks Off- All You Need to Know — Yawfofie Blog

Chale Wote Street Art Festival begins today August 15, 2016. The much anticipated festival which is dubbed the “Spirit Robot”, will bring lovers of everything art from all walks of life together to have this great experience.

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My 1-Month in Ghana —

Last week, marked my 1-month stay here in Ghana. Watch my Vlog below to find out how it has been so far!

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Marrakech — places

When our friends left New Zealand to move to the UK we said hopefully “see you in Morocco”. Lots of laughing, eating, laughing and more eating occurred during our time in Morocco. Morocco will always be a highlight of our trip and I am so glad we could catch up with our friends properly, for 7 nights, over […]

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Market Days in Morocco– Strolling the Souks — spicebox travels

Even before I had tasted Moroccan cuisine, I had heard about the souks. I’m sure you have too– most people’s images of Morocco involve these fabled markets, where you can buy everything from freshly butchered meat to handloomed rugs. Perhaps the most famous souk is the one in the medina (old walled city) in Marrakech, […]

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Marrakech – or how to define authenticity — howiseetheworldd

To me Morocco had always been a dream of colourful suqs and the smell of spices. And Marrakech was the first place I got the chance to go to. It is interesting how much my perception of the city differed from what I had heard about it. Friends had depicted Marrakech as a tourist trap […]

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Touchdown: Marrakech —

Originally posted on mypassengerdiaries: I like to ask people one particular question to break the ice: if you have all the time and the funds in the world, where is the one place that you would go to? It is a hard question. Most people need a few minutes to think about the different places…

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The Marvels of Morocco — The Wanderbee

Morocco Mania – I had been viewing this itinerary on WOW Club’s website for quite a few years. In 2013 I nearly signed up for it but the dates didn’t work and I went to South Africa instead. This was my second trip with a women’s travel group and through this post, I really want […]

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Tourism in Marrakech — Discover Morocco

After a 14 hour trip from the Sahara we arrived in one of the Morocco’s major cities: Marrakech. As many of Moroccon cities Marrakech is packed with vendors and their shops in the medina. Tourism is strongly advocated by the reigning Moroccan monarch which you can feel by walking through the city’s market. Marrakech has […]

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Marrakech, Morocco: How to be wonderfully lost in the medina —

“Adventures are the best way to learn.” I found myself stepping out of El Fenn Hotel‘s doorway and into an alley with terra-cotta painted crumbling walls and a million people rushing by. I had a hint of the medina being a bustling bewitching place but nothing really prepares you for something like it once you’re […]

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